Some Useful Biceps and Triceps Dumbbell Exercises for You

I am Keith and have been a gym instructor from last 10 years. Now, I have started a blog and here I am sharing some useful tips with you. People keep on asking me about various dumbbell exercises. Dumbbell exercises are great way to do workout which strengthens the muscles. These exercises are good, when you want gain some muscle mass or when you just want to tone your muscles or lose some extra weight from your body.

Dumbbells workouts can be done by anybody. These exercises can be performed anywhere. You can do the exercises with dumbbell at your home. There is no need for you to get an expensive membership in your gym. Dumbbells are easily affordable and you can put them anywhere at your room. Workouts done with dumbbells are best, when you the proper routine of doing various workouts. Here, I am sharing some useful dumbbell exercises for you, which you can do anywhere and get maximum benefits of weight training. These exercises are good for your biceps and for your triceps.

Bicep Curls

First of all, sit on the edge of the bench and put feet apart. The feet should be flat on the floor. Now, hold the dumbbells in your right hand and hold it firmly. Now, put your elbow on your right knee. Now curl the dumbbell towards yourself and slowly go backwards. These movements should be controlled. Repeat the same exercise for 10 to 12 times, which is known as a set. Now, perform the same exercise with your left hand for 10 to 12 times.

Hammer Curls

For this exercise, stand up straight and place your feet apart, now, hold the dumbbells firmly with your both the hands. Your palms should be turned inwards and place your elbows close to your body. Now start doing the exercise by curling the dumbbells up and then downwards. At first, do the exercise with your right hand and then with your left hand and repeat it for 10 to 12 times.

Overhead triceps Extensions

For this exercise, stand straight and hold the dumbbell firmly in your one hand. Keep your feet apart. Put your arm above your head. Now support your elbow with other hand by clasping it nicely. And slowly put down the dumbbell behind your neck and slowly go upwards. Repeat the exercise for 10 to 12 times. Now do it with other hand in the same way.

Workouts done with dumbbells help to improve body mass, strength endurance and power. These exercises can be done by women also, when they want to tone up their arm muscles. When you have to control loose weights then those exercises are very helpful. If you are new to perform these exercises then, it is highly recommended to perform these exercises by taking help of a well known instructor. They will guide you in a better way and will tell you to do exercises in the good positions, so that there are no injuries in your body.