Top 5 working home remedies for diabetes

Are you suffering from diabetes then here are some amazing tips by which you can control your sugar level in a healthy way. It is one of the fastest growing lifestyle disorders that can be cured with the help of proper healthy diet and safety measures if you want to control your level of sugar. Generally, diabetes is characterised by the high blood sugar level and later on this condition affect the body’s capacity to control the insulin on producing it in an effect way. There are home remedies for you by which you can control the level of sugar and can generate the insulin in a greater way. Let’s check out these remedies for living a healthy life.

  1. Leaves of Holy Basil or also called as the tulsi

The leaves of tulsi can be great antioxidants and an essential oil producing compounds that are collectively responsible for storage and release of insulin from your body so that your body can function properly & may increase the sensitivity of insulin. You can take two to three leaves of tulsi or basil as a whole or can consume one tablespoon of juice made from tulsi leaves on an empty stomach so that you can properly maintain your blood sugar level.

  1. Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tea in the morning or just before taking the meals can control the release of blood sugars better and maintain the sensitivity to insulin. Because of the presence of strong antioxidant called as the polyphenol, it can marginally improve the sugar levels inside the body without any kind of hesitation and with great comfort. The green tea is rich in polyphenol content, and it is unfermented.

  1. Indian blackberry

The Indian blackberry or also called as the Jamun can prevent the conversion of starch into sugar because of the presence of glycoside. It can lower down the blood sugar levels and can increase the sensitivity to insulin. Many other vascular disorders and heart diseases can be controlled with this amazing fruit. You can either take 5-7 jamuns or Jamun seeds powder in the morning with warm water for controlling diabetes.

  1. Neem

Found almost in every part of the country this bitter leaf has many benefits and can amazingly enhance the sensitivity of insulin receptor in your body. It can improve the blood sugar levels by dilating the blood vessels of your body. It can marginally remove the dependency on many hypoglycemic drugs for controlling diabetes. You can drink the juice of neem in the morning for best recovery.

  1. Psyllium Husk

This is also called as the isabgol, and it is often used as a laxative. When it comes in contact with the water, it starts making a substance of gel type. This substance can slows or control the breakdown process of blood glucose. It can also give protection the human body’s stomach lining from acidity & ulcers. It should be consumed ideally with warm water or milk after every meal, but don’t consume it with curd as this thing can result in constipation.

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